4 mar 2009

Ultra Hot - English version

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Detailed descriptions of gaming machines available in the type of coin-operated machines Novomatic Admiral Hot Spot.

ULTRA HOT - Games Description

ULTRA HOT game consists of five 9-square field and 8-eight symbols. Receive points for the winning hit in the level of the system or on the bias. Vertical agreements are not paid.

Inventory of available symbols:
Lemon, Orange, Plum, Cherry, Seven, Stars seamen, the bar and cross (X).

Ultra Hot game is very simple. Our task is confined to the proper selection of rates and to press the START button. Highest-paid three sevens are of course, is a little less "wall" that is, the system carries out all 9 boxes of any fruit. Contrary to appearances wall caught quite often in this game, much less 777 or seamen stars (also well-paid). The least we get a system of three cross - put the rate of return.

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